The PTCGB operates as a non profit making organisation controlled by a committee of enthusiasts committed to providing unbiased support for the Plummer Terrier and it's welfare. Membership subscriptions will be taken on a yearly basis and we would like to encourage all enthusiasts to support a club that will endeavor to provide a professional platform for all Plummer Terriers.

Annual membership will be taken on a yearly basis on June 1st:

If you are interested in becoming a member you can download the form and our governing constitution below.

Please take time to read through the PTCGB constitution.

Further instructions are on the form and if you have any issues downloading please contact us and we will send by another means. Please don't send any cash and make cheques or postal orders payable to the Plummer Terrier Club Of Great Britain.

For further information on registering your dogs please refer to the register page where you will find all you need to know about registration and what services are on offer. To pay for registration please make use the following link PTCGB PAYPAL PAYMENTS 

PLEASE NOTE as long as the payment is funded by a bank account, debit card or a PayPal balance and there no currency conversion involved there is no charge, however , if you fund the payment using a credit card, send money in a different currency or make an international transfer, PAYPAL will charge you, the sender, a small fee. A currency conversion fee may also apply. PTCGB will not accept this charge, if you do not pay this charge payment will be refunded and membership declined until full payment is made.